Excellence In Education With God In Mind.

We are pleased to offer a challenging and well-balanced academic program at Saint Joseph Catholic School. Our curriculum features a comprehensive program following both the curriculum standards of the State of Arizona and the Diocese of Tucson.

From the earliest grades, students are engaged in a balanced academic program, emphasizing both a structured approach to education and a creative and engaging style of teaching and learning. Attention is given to all different learning styles of the students. Attention is given to the “basics” in education, students are also taught to have an appreciation for the fine arts and an understanding of technology as a tool for enhanced learning.

Classes in Kindergarten through grade 4 are self-contained, that is to say, all “major” subject areas are taught by the homeroom teacher. In grade 5, students begin to change classes (and teachers) for three major subject areas: Social Studies, English and Science. Kindergarten class size cap at 25 students (with volunteer parents as aides), Grades 1 – 3 cap at 30 students per class and Grades 4 – 8 cap at 35 students per class. However, the average class size for grades 1 – 8 is usually around 25 students per class.

Over the past many years, our staff has received extensive Professional Development which has resulted in a newly designed, tightly coupled curriculum, specifically in the areas of Math, Science and Language Arts. New programs and materials enable our teachers to instruct with the very best resources available.


Homework reinforces material that was taught in the classroom. In addition, homework helps students learn responsibility and self-discipline to enable them to become independent learners.

On average, students are expected to devote a certain amount of time on homework each night, based on the following guidelines:

Grade 1 10-20 minutes
Grade 2 20-30 minutes
Grade 3 30-40 minutes
Grade 4 40-50 minutes
Grade 5 50-75 minutes
Grade 6 60-90 minutes
Grade 7 60-90 minutes
Grade 8 60-90 minutes

In addition, students are taught to manage their study time to include nightly reading, math facts maintenance and attention to long-term assignments and projects.

Educating the “Whole Person”

At Saint Joseph Catholic School, we pride ourselves on educating the whole person. Daily Religion classes, weekly Mass attendance and school wide prayer provide a strong spiritual framework. Christian values are integrated into learning whenever possible. Music, Art, Computers and Spanish begin in Kindergarten. Weekly Library and P.E.classes round out our curriculum, helping to develop the whole person.

Saint Joseph is also equipped with a school computer lab, with Internet access, in each classroom. Teachers are trained and assisted by our technology director to integrate technology into the curriculum, supporting our philosophy that technology should serve as an enriching tool in the learning process. Teachers initiate cooperative learning, hands-on discovery, and class and group projects, while stressing inquiry, follow-through and research. These approaches foster decision-making skills, cooperation with peers, and study skills while making learning fun, relevant and creative. Homework reinforces material that was taught in the classroom. While helping students learn responsibility and self-discipline to enable them to become independent learners.

At Saint Joe’s, we believe in helping the student’s reach their full potential be teaching them to “love to learn and learn to love”.