Stacey Thomas, Second Grade Teacher

Second grade is a much-anticipated year at Saint Joseph School. It is, of course, the year that the children receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation/Penance. There is a great deal of time and effort that goes into preparation for this special day.

Academically, the students’ subjects include the study of Religion, Spelling, Phonics, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and handwriting (manuscript and cursive).

Religion: Second Grade is a special year for the students at Saint Joseph School as the students receive the Seven Sacraments of First Reconciliation/Penance. The following specific areas of study are covered during daily religion classes: the Sacraments, the Mass, Jesus as the Son of God and the Son of Mary, Prayers (Hail Mary, Our Father…). Students participate each morning at assembly as a community as well as attending weekly mass on Friday.

Language Arts: The Language Arts program in Second Grade covers many content areas including: Grammar/Punctuation, Listening and Speaking Skills, Composition and Handwriting through our wonderful language arts program, Superkids! In Second Grade, we place a great deal of focus on mastering skills through the study of phonics. As the students begin to master their basic reading skills, further emphasis is placed on skill development in Critical Thinking, Decoding, Vocabulary expansion, Reading Comprehension, Study Skills, and Writing Process. Finally, strong emphasis is placed on developing Spelling skills, application of spelling generalization and strategies and mastery of frequently misspelled words.

Mathematics: Second Grade primary subject math, we concentrate on mastery of addition and subtraction facts (0-18), the concepts of time and money, double addition and subtraction, word problems, geometry, numbers and graphing.

Science: In Second Grade, the following concepts are taught through hands-on experiences, experiments, small group activities and class discussions, inquiry and analysis. The six major areas of study include Plants and Animals, Homes for Plants and Animals, Changes on Earth, The Sun and Its Family, Matter and Energy, Watch it Move. We include as many hands-on experiments as possible.

Social Studies: Second Grade students build their Social Studies knowledge through the study of People Together – Adventures in Time and Place, Map Skills, celebrated National Holidays and our many cultures and differences. We have an extensive library of films, photographs, and collectables for sharing from families and travels.

Throughout the year the second graders are involved in many fun and educational activities, in and out of school. We travel to Sabino Canyon for a hike, the Zoo, and the Desert Museum. We attend plays. We involve our community members by inviting our local firefighters to come to the school and help us with a science project. We are also involved in many school wide community projects and fundraisers.

Second Grade Supply List