Colleen Prescott, Third Grade Teacher

Third Grade is an exciting year at Saint Joseph School. The children are embarking on an educational journey to become more independent, life-long learners. Building on a foundation of basic skills, 3rd grade students bridge the gap between primary grades and intermediate grades through researching, cooperative learning, observing, calculating, analyzing, drawing conclusions. Working with others and respecting others are a few of the ways we are followers of Jesus.

Curriculum highlights in 3rd grade include: First Communion, Cursive Handwriting, Multiplication and Division.

Religion: The specific areas of study are covered during daily religion classes are: preparation for the sacrament of First Eucharist, the formation of the Church, the Seven Sacraments, the parts of the Mass, and how we are called to be disciples. First Communion Day is the most special day in third grade!

Language Arts: The 3rd grade language arts program covers reading, grammar, spelling, phonics, and writing. Reading explores different genres of literature and emphasizes comprehension, vocabulary, decoding skills, and fluency. Grammar covers the basics of English mechanics including types of sentences, parts of speech, and punctuation rules. Spelling and Phonics go over basic rules for writing and sounding out words. Third grade practices and writes in cursive.

Mathematics: Our Math series, “My Math” covers the core curriculum for 3rd grade including place value, expansion of addition and subtraction with regrouping, multiplication, division, fractions, geometry, and interpreting data. The main emphasis is on exploring multiplication and division strategies and learning basic facts.


Science: Third Graders love science! They learn about plants and animals, habitats, food chains, ecosystems, and our earth. All 3d graders are required to enter a project in the school Science Fair following SARSEF rules.

Social Studies: The 3rd graders learn to interpret timelines, charts, and graphs of historical eras. They learn about globes and different kinds of maps of continents and countries. They identify important people and their contributions to America. By the end of the year they are able to identify all fifty states.

Third Grade Supply List