It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are!

Kayleen Molina, Fourth Grade Teacher

4th grade is an exciting and challenging year.  During this year students are encouraged to grow both spiritually and intellectually.  While this year presents many new academic challenges students are also encouraged to have fun during the learning process.

Religion: 4th grade religious teachings include taking a closer look at the 10 Commandments and discovering the real-life applications of these teachings. Open discussion is encouraged as we learn about the world around us and our call to witness our faith. Students also learn about social justice and the role that it plays in our daily lives. Projects include “My Favorite Saint” and creation of various religious bulletin boards throughout the school year.


Language Arts: During Reading class much emphasis is placed on using text and various other resources to enable students to seek out and find correct answers during the reading process. Our reading curriculum is varied including many fictional and non-fictional offerings.  Reading skills include building a strong vocabulary along with identification and understanding of different literary genres. State standards and Common Core guidelines are included in each Reading Lesson.  Fun reading activities include learning to recognize and write various forms of poetry along with class-produced plays throughout the school year.Common Core State Standards covered during 4th grade Grammar include identifying correct sentence structure and usage, proofreading for grammatical mistakes and becoming more familiar with contractions, adjectives, noun, pronouns and adverbs.  Writing standards covered include creation of opinion pieces, informative and explanatory text and personal narratives.
Spelling in 4th grade encourages students to widen their knowledge of spelling mechanics and rules. Emphasis is on consonants, contractions, suffixes, prefixes, homophones and compound words. Each week a bonus spelling word is included to encourage the use of a vigorous vocabulary.

Math: Forth Grade Math is directly related to Common Core and State Standards. Topics covered include operations and algebraic thinking, numbers and operations dealing with fractions and decimals, measurement and data interpretation along with geometry.

Science: In 4th grade we cover many different areas. Students begin the year learning about the world of living things including cells, ecosystems, plants, animals and basic life processes.  We continue on with the Earth and our own solar system.  Students also learn about water and weather, physical science including properties and changes with matter, forms of energy and electricity and magnetism which align with State Standards. Scientific method and the inquiry process are addressed and each student is required to present a project board for the regional Science Fair.

Social Studies: Fourth Grade Social Studies focus on our home state of Arizona. The featured text is “The Arizona Story” written by The Arizona Historical Society.  Following State Standards, students learn about American history including early civilizations, exploration and colonization, westward expansion and the emergence of the modern United States.  Map understanding and usage along with physical and cultural characteristics of Arizona are also addressed. Our school year ends with a field trip to the Arizona Historical Society to see and interact with many of our Social Studies topics.

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