“Unless you try something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.” – Emerson

Tina Turcotte, Fifth Grade Teacher

Grade 5 is a wonderfully exciting year between elementary grades and middle school years.  Fifth grade is truly a transition year that bridges many significant gaps. Our goal is to make the jump as smooth and productive as possible, by modeling and encouraging the acquisition of effective study skills and habits.   As part of our integrated curriculum, our fifth grade program incorporates traditional skill work, teacher modeling, student exploration, and cooperative group practice.

In an effort to welcome and acclimate our kindergarten students to Saint Joseph School, we have implemented a kindergarten buddy system. Fifth grade students are paired up with kindergarten students. When the school attends mass, fifth grade accompanies kindergarten. The fifth grade students are responsible for helping and educating the kindergarten students during mass. The fifth grade student helps the kindergarten student understand the proper behavior during mass and answers any questions the kindergarten student might have. Throughout the year, activities are scheduled between fifth grade and kindergarten.

Religion: In grade 5, the following areas of Religious study are emphasized and taught: Liturgy, Sacraments, Seasons of the Church and Catholic Prayers. We focus on the seven Sacraments and each person’s role within the Catholic community. Students investigate the ways they are called to be witnesses to the Catholic faith.

Language Arts: The Language Arts Program in grade 5 covers the areas of English, Reading, Spelling, and Writing. English provides a strong basis in the mechanics of the language, and we investigate the different purposes, voices, and styles of writing. Reading explores different genres and elements of literature, focusing also on vocabulary, comprehension, strategies for reading, context clues, analogies, critical thinking, co-operative analysis, and following directions.

Mathematics:  Areas of study include reviewing and expansion of previously acquired skills as well as the introduction and development of newer skills.  The curriculum includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers.  As well, students explore numerical expression, graphing, exponents and powers, prime factorization, perimeter area, volume, and geometry.

Science: In the fifth grade Science curriculum,  the following areas are addressed:

Life Science – plant processes, reproduction and classification, characteristics and classifications of all living things, interaction of living/non living components within ecosystems.

Populations & Ecosystems – living things and environments, energy and matter in ecosystems. Carbon cycle; oxygen cycle and water cycle.

Earth and Space Study – solar system, earth’s atmosphere and weather.

Physical Science – states of matter, classify and describe matter in terms of elements, compounds, mixtures and atoms.

Social Studies: The overall emphasis in 5th grade Social Studies is on the History of the United States, with extensive focus on exploration of the American Colonies, American Revolution, Constitution, and the Civil War. The text book is enriched by inquisitive classroom discussions and evaluations of primary source replicas. Students are encouraged to investigate the reasons behind historical movements and events.

Fifth Grade Supply List