Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten!

Faye Chandler Kinder Teacher Class A

Megan Broderick Kinder Teacher Class B

Kindergarten is the place to be at St. Joseph School! Kindergarten introduces reading readiness skills, math concepts and engaging science units. Our religion unit is enhanced by going to Mass with our 5th grade buddies. It is a lot of fun sharing special activities with a “grown up” buddy! Kindergarten children have gone on special field trips such as the pumpkin patch at Buckelew Farms, The Tucson Children’s Museum, plays and musicals. Of course, one of the highlights of Kindergarten is our annual Christmas Pageant. Everyone has a chance to shine on stage in this beautiful gathering of family and friends as we listen to our little angels sing their hearts out.

There are plenty of chances for Mom and Dad to join in the fun. Kindergarten has many opportunities for parental involvement and we try to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule.

We hope you start the best years of your life at Saint Joseph’s Kindergarten!

Catholic schools Curriculum are unique. The integration of religious truths and values with life distinguishes Catholic Schools from other schools. Our faith and belief in the Gospel message is an intricate part of our entire curriculum. In Kindergarten, students are introduced to the concepts of God as Creator, the reverence for life, church prayers and devotion for Mary, as well as, treating one-another with respect and kindness.

In Kindergarten we use the reading program SUPERKIDS! We focus on the 26 letters of the alphabet. Students systematically learn to read and write letters, to associate letters with sounds, to blend letter-sounds to form words and sentences, and to read and write phonetically regular words as well as Memory Words. For more information about the SUPERKIDS Reading program, click this link http://www.superkidsreading.org/

In the area of Mathematics, the students learn basic mathematical concepts through classification, sorting, graphing, shapes and patterns. They study numbers from 0-100 with basic introductions to addition and subtraction. Our Math Program is aligned with Common Core Curriculum.

Through their Social Studies exposure, Kindergarten students begin to understand the importance and significance of family, community, holidays, customs and occupations.

Students in Kindergarten love to explore and discover. Areas of learning include weather, the four seasons, plants, dinosaurs, the ocean, and protecting our environment.

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