William Ponder, Physical Education Teacher Grades Kinder-8th

Physical Education is a very important part of every student’s life at St. Joseph School. It is a great release from the rigors of schoolwork that the children face every week. There are a number of valuable lessons and tools that the students learn during their Physical Education class.

The curriculum for Kindergarten through Third Grade students focuses on fitness development, hand-eye coordination, and body management, fundamental and specialized skills like throwing and catching an object, and strengthening their fine and gross motor skills.  4th grade through 8th grade curriculum is based on organized game play, skills, tactics, rules and regulations. Students are involved in a variety of sports like volleyball and basketball as well as the non-traditional sports like Rugby and team handball. Students are also introduced to general health topics in a structured classroom environment.

The students are constantly taught the importance of sportsmanship and fair play which are vital for all children to learn at a young age. They will develop certain skills that will help them to develop as young athletes. Students will always be reminded of the good habits of stretching and eating right in order to stay healthy. They will have a great deal of fun while getting the proper exercise that every child needs. Most importantly, they will learn to have respect for one another while taking part in athletic activities.